Dragoon wyvern ability: Level 1, Level 20, and Level 40

Trigger support jobs:
Healer Type Wyvern: White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Summoner*, and Blue Mage
Hybrid Type Wyvern: Paladin, Dark Knight, Ninja, and Bard

*Summoner gives the Defensive wyvern but is unable to trigger healing breath. This subjob combination can only perform Remove Breath.


Triggers after the dragoon casts any spell and someone in the party is under a certain amount of hit points.

Amount of HP cured is based on the wyvern's maximum HP. Also, this uses the wyvern's TP. Every 20% of wyverns TP will raise the amount healed.

Once the wyvern has learned Healing Breath III (level 40), it will use it even when the Dragoon's level is lowered due to a capped event or area. The wyvern will always use only the highest Healing Breath move it has acquired.

Hit point triggers:

  • Wyvern will use this on any party member under the HP trigger.
  • Wyvern will use this on the Dragoon only.
  • Drachen Armet equipped - Level 60 - 33% trigger changes to 50% HP; 25% trigger changes to 33%.

The different levels of healing breath are:

  • Healing Breath I - Level 1 - Equivalent to Cure I.
  • Healing Breath II - Level 20 - Equivalent to Cure II.
  • Healing Breath III - Level 40 - Equivalent to Cure III.
  • Wyrm Armet equipped - Level 75 - Equivalent to Cure IV

Healing Breath III calculation:

  • Wyvern's max HP = wHP
  • Without Wyrm Armet: wHP*0.21 = HP healed from Healing Breath III.
  • With Wyrm Armet: (wHP*0.21)*1.5 = HP healed from Healing Breath III.
  • When using gear that give a percentage of HP to the wyvern it is calculated after the other wHP gear and before the Wyrm Armet bonus.


  • Using macros it is possible to equip the Drachen Armet while casting the trigger spell and then equip the Wyrm Armet before Healing Breath goes off to maximize the wyvern's healing capabilities.
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