Requirements:   Level 60 or higher; Rossweisse's Feather, Grimgerde's Feather, Siegrune's Feather
   (only one boss per run)
  Andhrimnir (Corse)
  Ariri Samariri (Poroggo)
  Balrahn (Soulflayer)
  Hrungnir (Golem)
  Mokkuralfi (Flan)
  Tanngrisnir (Dahak)
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Key Item: Helmwige's Feather
  750 Ampoules of Therion Ichor


  Armoury Crate:   Corse Robe (Andhrimnir)
  Corse Bracelet x2 (Andhrimnir)
  Flan Meat x3 (Mokkuralfi)
  Golem Shard x2 (Hrungnir)
  Mythril Ore (Hrungnir)
  Poroggo Hat x3 (Ariri Samariri)
  Soulflayer Tentacle (Balrahn)
  Soulflayer Staff (Balrahn)
  Soulflayer Robe (Balrahn)
  Abjurations:   Hadean Abjuration: Head

Monsters Found Here

Note: Pulling one type of mob will cause the rest of the mobs of that type to link, regardless of where they are in the chamber. When pulled, it appears that everyone in the room gains hate, regardless of whether or not they have acted on the mobs.
The enemies come in two waves, with the first wave featuring 1 type of the below enemies (excluding enemies spawned from bosses), and the second wave featuring 1-2 types of the below enemies plus a boss.

Normal Monsters
Name Family
Battlemite Diremites
Craven Einherjar Bhoot
Einherjar Brei Slimes
Einherjar Eater Worms
Flames of Muspelheim Clusters
Gardsvor Spiders
Hazhalm Bats Bat Triplets
Hazhalm Leech Leeches
Odin's Fool Imps
Rotting Huskarl Draugar Dark Knights
Sjokrakjen Sea Monks
Utgarth Bat Giant Bats
Utgarth Bats Bat Triplets
Utgarth Leech Leeches
Waldgeist Hecteyes
Winebibber Clots
Special Monsters
Name Family
Huginn Bird
Muninn Bird
Heithrun Sheep
Saehrimnir Tiger

Huginn, Muninn, Heithrun or Saehrimnir will not be immediately seen. They will pop as you progress through the chamber's monsters. Muninn and Saehrimnir will leave behind a message stating "the chamber's stagnant aura has somewhat cleared" if defeated or left to depop respectively.

  • Huginn may leave behind an Armoury Crate containing various consumable items upon defeat.
  • Muninn may weaken the enemies upon defeat.Verification Needed A message stating "the creatures lurking in the shadows have calmed" will be received.
  • It is currently unknown what Heithrun does. It is, however, reported to be the rarest of the four.
  • Saehrimnir may strengthen the enemies if left to despawn.Verification Needed A message stating "the creatures lurking in the shadows have become restless" will be received.
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