Job Ability

  • Performs a high jumping attack on enemy.
  • Obtained: Dragoon Level 35
  • Recast Time: 3:00
  • Duration: Instant


  • Upon usage, user will deliver a High Jump attack on the enemy.
  • High Jump is not 100% accurate.
  • Damage output is roughly the same as a regular attack, but can be modified with equipment.
  • A successfully landed High Jump causes user to gain as much TP as a regular attack. This can be modified with equipment.
  • High Jump gives no TP to the target.
  • Barone Corazza and Barone Cosciales increase the TP gained with High Jump by two each, combined for an extra +4 TP. The HQ of these pieces increase the TP gained by +3 each, for a combined total of +6 TP
  • Upon usage, user will lose an undetermined but substantial quantity of his/her enmity accumulated during the course of battle.
  • Equipping Wyrm Brais increases the amount of hate that is shed. (from 33% to 50%)
  • While Spirit Surge is in effect, an enemy’s TP is reduced by a percentage proportionate to the amount of damage inflicted.
  • When Spirit Surge is used, High Jump's recast time will be reset to 0:00.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "High Jump" <t>
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