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Type: ENM
Zone: Bearclaw Pinnacle
          Level: 75
          Members: 6
          Time: 30 minutes
Key Item: Zephyr Fan





Apis x 1







  • To enter the battlefield, talk to Zebada in the Uleguerand Range (F-12).
  • Zebada will give you the Cotton Pouch.
  • Go on the western slope and slide down at E-9. Enter the cave at F-8 to find the Chamneat Spring; trade the Cotton Pouch to the spring to receive the Chamnaet Ice.
  • Return to Zebada and trade him the Chamnaet Ice to receive the Zephyr Fan key item.
  • In Uleguerand Range, slide down the south slope at F-9 and enter the cave on the west side of F-10. In the inner part of the cave at G-8, examine the Wind Pillar to enter Bearclaw Pinnacle. You will have the option of entering the Holy Cow ENM battle.
  • Only one of the four battlefields in Bearclaw Pinnacle can be completed every 5 Earth days.
  • Apis must be defeated in order to win this ENM.
  • Apis is immune to Charm.
  • It's important to note that Apis will occassionally switch physical and magical immunites (signaled by the 2-hour animation.)
  • Apis also hits significantly harder the lower his health gets. (1000~ dmg @ roughly 40% health on a Tarutaru 75BLM.)
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