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Welcome to FFXI and Eden! If you rolled your character in Bastok, this is the place learn how to make gil, in and around it's starting areas.


Farming is the simplest way of making gil in FFXI. If you aren't already familiar with the term, it involves killing mobs (monsters) and in turn selling the items they drop. You will find youself killing monsters for experience and their loot in the starter zones of North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg, Zeruhn Mines, Palborough Mines and Dangruf Wadi. Make sure you always speak to a gate guard before leaving town and ask for Signet. With signet, you will be eligible to receive crystals from mobs and also earn Conquest Points. Below is a list of mobs that i recommend you targeted and the loot they drop which can typically be turned into the best profit.

North/South Gustaberg

Zeruhn Mines

Palborough Mines

Please take care in this area. The deeper a player ventures, the mobs become significantly tougher.

Dangruf Wadi

Please take care in this area. The deeper a player ventures, the mobs become significantly tougher.

Recommended ***


Gardening requires some gil to get it off the ground and running. Thankfully, the amount is quite small, even for new players and pays for itself exponentially. Please refer to this gardening guide for further information.

As an alternative to this guide, Bastokan's are fortunate to have Saplings in their starter area. These can drop different types of seeds but specifically Grain Seeds. When planted and fed a Dark Crystal, the resulting yield can be Tarutaru Rice, Light Crystals and Coral Fungus, all of which sell very well on the Auction House.


Fishing is a hobby that players can participate and level up in, similar to that of crafting. Whilst it is very in depth and takes a lot of time and effort to progress into the higher levels, it's fairly straight forward for new players to try it out.

Hooked on Fishing.jpg

There are 2 things you will need

As a citizen of Bastok, you can purchase a fishing rod from Gelzerio in Bastok Mines, (H-7). He sells 3 types of rod (these vary depending on Bastok's conquest standing) and all of them can catch Moat Carp which is what you will be targeting. The most expensive rod he sells will cost you around 500 gil.

Next you will need some bait. I would recomend you vist the Auction House and purchase a stack of 99 Insect Balls. They will typically cost you 2-3k however, they allow you to isolate moat carps when you fish, ultimately catch more of them and make more gil. An alternative bait would be Little Worms. Gelzerio will also sell these and they cost 297 gil for a stack of 99.

The last thing to fishing is location. As a new player, you are limited to Bastok Markets and Zeruhn Mines however as you progress, more areas will open up to you. For more information on how the fishing mini-game actually works, please see here It's fairly self-explanatory but i would recommend reading up to reduce the chance of things such as breaking your fishing rod.

Notorious Monsters

As the name suggests, these monsters are tougher than regular mobs they appear amongst. South Gustaberg has one particular Notorious Monster (NM) which drops a very lucrative item. Leaping Lizzy spawns around (E-8) / (F-8) and is a Lottery Spawn of other Rock Lizards in the area. He drops a pair of Leaping Boots which have been known to sell for hundreds of thousands of gil. You will find this NM is often camped by multiple people. It can be solo'ed by some jobs from around level 15. If you plan to attempt this NM, i would recommend coming as Thief 15+ for the job trait Treasure Hunter. Good luck!


Mining is a hobby in FFXI where players use Pickaxes to mine minerals and ores. It's a simple process that only requires a moderate amount of gil to try. Purchase a pickaxe and 'use' it on a mining point. Each use has a chance of obtaining an item but beware, your pickaxe may also break! When you have made enough gil, i would strongly recommend investing in the Field Tunica Set. Whilst expensive, it will reduced the rate at which pickaxes break and ultimtely pays for itself.

How to Sell your Loot

There are 3 main ways that players can sell their loot in FFXI:

Auction House

The Auction House (AH) is the marketplace for FFXI's players. It has it's own guide which can be found here.

NPC Vendors

Most items across Vana'diel can be sold to NPC merchant vendors. Whilst you can usually make more money via the Auction House, not all items sell very often. Some items are better just sold to the NPC. Some items may even sell for more than the AH price!


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