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Female Hume

Originating from the Bastok region, Humes are the most common race and have spread to the farthest reaches of Vana'diel. They are characterized by their equally balanced abilities, moderate intelligence, and high level of skill in numerous areas. This combination of traits has played a large role in Bastok's growth into a prosperous nation of technology and industry.

The Industrious Humes

Humes, for the most part, could be considered Vanadiel's equivalent to humans. They are both a common and popular choice of characters among FFXI players. Part of the reason for this is because they are one of the most balanced races as far as stats are concerned. Humes could be considered a “Jack of all trades,” in the sense that they are able to perform exceptionally well with any job they choose.

Hume population is primarily concentrated in Bastok, where they originated and continue to prosper.

History of the Term: Hume

The word "Hume" is obviously just a wordplay of the English word Human -- nothing more.

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