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Imperial Standing Notorious Monster (ISNM)

Imperial Standing Notorious Monster (ISNM) events are accessed by trading a specific key item to the entrance of a Burning Circle. Only one member of the party must have the key item. A full party of 6 all with key items may perform 6 consecutive ISNM runs. The key items are obtained from Shajaf in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (after becoming a mercenary) in exchange for Imperial Standing credits. Note that it is not possible to carry more than one of these key items at a time, or receive more than one in a 24-hour period (Earth time). However, it is possible to perform two of your own ISNM runs in a short span of time by purchasing an order, waiting 24 hours, using your order on an ISNM fight, then going back to town to purchase a new order.

Note: As with BCNM, only one person uses the item at a time. You do not need to have an order to enter the BC if you are assisting someone else that has an order.


Key Item (Required Credits)



Maximum Members

Time Limit

Level 60 Confidential Imperial Order

(2000 Imperial Standing credits)

Call to Arms Talacca Cove 6 members 30 minutes
Tough Nut to Crack Navukgo Execution Chamber
Making a Mockery Jade Sepulcher
Level 75 Secret Imperial Order

(3000 Imperial Standing credits)

Compliments to the Chef Talacca Cove
Happy Caster Navukgo Execution Chamber
Shadows of the Mind Jade Sepulcher