Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point is the Staging Point for Assault missions in Ilrusi Atoll.
It is located at (G-5) on the second map of Arrapago Reef.


To get there from Al Zahbi:

  • Take the ferry from Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-5) to Nashmau
  • Take the North exit to Caedarva Mire
  • You will need a Lamian Fang Key for the Iron Door in Arrapago Reef. There is a ??? in Caedarva Mire from which you can obtain only one key per week. The spot is at I-7 and is marked with a yellow box on the map. You will need one key per group. If everybody in the group has already gotten a key from the ??? for that week, then you will have to farm for a new one. The Draugars at the zone for Arrapago Reef drop them fairly frequently.
  • Head to I-6 and zone into Arrapago Reef
  • Make your way to the boat at E-7, marked "A", on the first map, avoiding the True Sight Soulflayers - this should put you on the next map
  • On the next map, work your way to G-5, and you will zone for a CS. Note that there are 3 Heraldic Imps in the room just before the Iron Gate.
  • Note: It is also possible to reach this staging point via The Leujaoam Sanctum runic portal.


Name Rank Recommended Level Party Size Points Objective Description
Golden Salvage PSC 60 3-6 1100 Recover the figurehead Rumor has it that the golden figurehead from the Black Coffin, the ship of Luzaf the pirate, can be found somewhere within Ilrusi Atoll.
Lamia No.13 PFC 70 3-6 1200 Eliminate Lamia No.13 Your mission is to hunt down Lamia No.13, a fearsome creature known to have performed vile experiments on the countless corpses of her enemies.
Extermination SP 70 3-6 1100 Exterminate all monsters The vermin feasting on the corpses left behind by the Lamiae have multiplied to unnatural numbers. Destroy this threat to the surrounding ecology.
Demolition Duty LC 50 3-6 1000 (max?) Demolish the shipwrecks A confidential report states that corsairs are secretly collecting the remains of shipwrecks on the Ilrusi Atoll. Use the automaton issued to you by the on-site engineer to demolish these shipwrecks.
Searat Salvation C 60 3-6 1200 (max) Save the Qiqirn divers Qiqirn divers assigned the duty of demolishing wrecks on the Ilrusi Atoll have run into a problem with the local wildlife. Lead them back to safety before they decide to abandon their work.
Apkallu Seizure S 60 3-6 Capture the apkallu Famous biologist Professor Clavauert is researching apkallu on Ilrusi Atoll. The more discoveries he makes in Aht Urhgan, the more likely he is to join the Empire. Assist him by capturing apkallu.
Lost and Found SM 60 3-6 Find the ring The Empress's uncle Bashalab visited Ilrusi Atoll in secret and lost his ring, the "Eye of Zahak." Escort the royal family's hired agent through Ilrusi Atoll and find his lost ring.
Deserter CS 70 3-6 Locate the agents Agents of our Anti-Corsair Task Force have gone AWOL and are hiding somewhere in Ilrusi. Your mission is to swiftly disarm the deviants and take them into custody.

All information on these criminals is highly classified and any disclosure of their identity is strictly prohibited.

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