Start NPC:   Irmilant - Rabao (G-7)
  Requirements:   Selbina/Rabao Reputation ?
  Serpent Rumors
  Items Needed:   Saber Shoot
  Opal Silk
  Title:   Indomitable Fisher
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Ebisu Fishing Rod
  Previous Quest:   Inside the Belly started
  Next Quest:   None


  • The Fishing Guild Point key item Serpent Rumors is required to start the quest as well as hook and catch Gugrusaurus and Lik.
  • The Mooching key item will extend the time that the fish will stay on the hook when a live bait (Drill Calamary or Dwarf Pugil) is used.
  • Albatross Rings are highly recommended to extend the time that the fish will stay on the hook, especially in the case of Gugrusaurus.
  • Level 78 Fishing is required in order to get the Serpent Rumors key item, so that is the absolute minimum level; however, fishers lower than level 90 fishing will have a very difficult time reeling in the fish necessary for the quest. Close to level 100 fishing is highly recommended.
  • You will break your rod a lot trying to catch these fish, please consider either raising woodworking or bringing a woodworking mule along for repairs. Please also be aware that you will lose your rod if you are repairing it when the Ferry docks.


By using an Albatross Ring and a Penguin Ring you can completely skip the phase where you catch Drill Calamary and Dwarf Pugil plus the Mooching key item which significantly reduces the time it takes to complete the quest (by months or even years). Instead the suggested way of obtaining each item is as follows:

This easily doubles the speed at which you obtain Lik and far far more than that for Gugrusaurus as you don't have to catch the pirate ferry. However, even with this faster route expect to spend up to a month fishing 4-5 hours every day if bad luck strikes. Some have had to turn in over 500 fish for an item while others have gotten it after 50 fish have been caught, it seems to even out somewhere around 200 fish for each item although the sample set is far too small to give a proper estimate.

(**Note: One fisherman on Lakshmi server was known to have taken over 1000 fish to obtain one of the items and almost 800 fish for the other, so be cautious when starting this quest as if bad luck hits it can take over your life)

(***Note: A fisherman on Leviathan server turned in over 1400 liks and over 800 gugrusauruses before getting each respective key item)

Game Description

Client: Irmilant (Near the oasis, Rabao)
Summary: Irmilant has asked you to bring the two base materials required to craft a legendary fishing rod. These materials seem to have found their way into the bellies of sea creatures that still elude the finest fishermen.


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