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Abbreviation: INT

  • A stat that helps determine the effectiveness of Elemental Magic spells, Black Magic Enfeebling Magic spells, Black Magic Enhancing Magic spells, Ninjutsu and "magical" Blue Magic.
  • It is generally accepted that Intelligence has absolutely no effect on the rate at which offensive spells are resisted (see resistance), but that it does affect the base damage taken from most magical attacks (sort of like STR and VIT rolled up into one).
  • Intelligence also determines the additional effect from Earth Arrows, Water Arrows, and Wind Arrows.
  • Some people believe that Intelligence also increases the chance of taming an enemy.
    • There is a rumor Intelligence increases the chance of picking Treasure Chest on Thief to prevent spawning Mimic. This is not officially true and needs a thorough verification. Many Thief have seen high resist rates doing this method.

Associated with the element of Ice. Many ice-based items add INT to a character's Stats. Example: Shiva's Claws

Breakdown of level 1 intelligence stats by race and class

Mithra: 8 (BLM)

Elvaan: 7 (BLM)

Galka: 8 (BLM)

Hume: 8 (BLM)

Tarutaru: 10 (BLM)