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  • When a mob is intimidated, it will not act for that attack turn. In this way it acts like Paralyze, but it stacks with effects that cause paralysis.
  • When a Player Character is intimidated, the player will not be able to act for that attack turn.
  • "The Orcish Shopwrecker is intimidated by Anfini's presence."
  • Players can only intimidate monsters when they have enmity on the monster. For instance, a Paladin can only intimidate an undead monster with Undead Killer if he has hate on the monster.
  • "Circle" job abilities temporarily grant a Killer effect to party members within range. For instance, a Paladin may use the ability Holy Circle to allow someone else in his party to temporarily be able to intimidate undead monsters, should they pull hate.

Beastmaster Paladin Dark Knight Dragoon Samurai Blue Mage
Vermin Killer (Lvl 10)

Bird Killer (Lvl 20)
Amorph Killer (Lvl 30)
Lizard Killer (Lvl 40)
Aquan Killer (Lvl 50)
Plantoid Killer (Lvl 60)
Beast Killer (Lvl 70)

Undead Killer (Lvl 5)
Arcana Killer (Lvl 25)
Dragon Killer (Lvl 25)
Demon Killer (Lvl 40)
See Blue Mage Job Traits

  • Certain foods and armor can give consumers/wearers these traits temporarily.
Killer Effect Foods Armor
Amorph Killer Shrimp Cracker Aquan Earring
Aquan Killer None known. Bird Earring
Bibiki Seashell
Admiral's Shield
Aquan Slayer
Arcana Killer Acorn Cookie
Undead Earring
Beast Killer Spicy Cracker Plantoid Earring
General's Shield
Koenig Shield
Byakko's Axe
Bird Killer None known. Amorph Earring
Fowling Earring
Suzaku's Scythe
Demon Killer Dragon Meat
Dragon Soup
Dragon Steak
Red Curry
Dragon Earring
Demon Slayer
Dragon Killer None known. Demon Earring
Bahamut's Mask
Dragon Slayer
Lizard Killer Bison Steak
Goblin Chocolate
Beast Earring
Panther Mask
Plantoid Killer Ginger Cookie Vermin Earring
Seiryu's Sword
Undead Killer Garlic Cracker Arcana Earring
Exorcist Hose
Templar Mace
Esquire's Mantle
Vermin Killer Cinna-cookie Lizard Earring
Vermin Slayer
Empty Killer None known Shade Harness Set