The elite defenders of the Republic of Bastok, The Iron Musketeers are a permanent unit commanded by the Trade Defense Section of the Department of Industry. This unit was originally formed by the Department of Industry to secure trade routes in and out of Bastok, but is currently deployed on a regular basis to deal with the Quadav.

A single company, led by a Musketeer Commander, consists of ten Senior Musketeers and thirty Junior Musketeers. There are presently around one hundred companies in existence, and their members are drawn from the best soldiers of the Republican Legions. Provided with the latest equipment and possessing extensive battle experience with the beastmen, the Iron Musketeers are an elite fighting force.

Perhaps the most commonly seen representatives of the Iron Musketeers are those who guard the entrances to the Republic of Bastok and provide support at each Outpost and frontier under Bastok control. These Musketeers are identifiable by the title "I.M." appearing after their names.

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