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Some monster have special attacks that are so strong they knock your character backwards, sliding you back a little bit (or quite far away in the case of some mobs). In addition to moving you backwards, these attacks interrupt spells and ranged attacks and often deal significant damage.

Mobs that Knockback

Mob Family Special Attack Distance
Antica Shoulder Slam
Beetle Rhino Attack
Behemoth Shock Wave
Buffalo Snort
Bugbears Heavy Whisk
Craver Carousel (NM Only)
Doll Panzerfaust
Doomed Whip Tongue
Ghrah (Bird Form) Damnation Drive
Goblin Goblin Rush
Goobbue Uppercut
Hippogryph Back Heel
Lamiae Gusting Gouge
Lizard Blockhead
Mamool Ja Somersault Kick
Mandragora Head Butt
Moblin Goblin Rush
Puk Crosswind
Wind Shear
Quadav Head Butt
Wrath of Gu'Dha (Dynamis Only)
Ram Ram Charge
Raptor Scythe Tail
Receptacle Empty Seed
Sheep Sheep Charge
Worm Full-Force Blow
Xzomit Siphon Discharge
Yovra Concussive Oscillation