Type: ENM
Zone: Boneyard Gully
          Level: 75
          Members: 3
          Time: 15 minutes
Key Item: Miasma Filter





Race Runner x 1

Information Needed





Gaining Access

  • Only one of the four ENM battles in Boneyard Gully can be completed every five Earth days.

ENM Battle Strategies

General Information

  • You will enter the battlefield facing Race Runner, a single Eft-type mob. This battle is uncapped; your time limit for this battle is fifteen minutes.
  • Note that you may enter this battle with up to 18 people, though the EXP you will receive from completing the battle will be reduced for every party member you add. A party of only three Level 75 members should be able to clear this battle successfully and receive the maximum bonus of 2000 EXP.
  • Two 75 BLUs or a BLU75 and another mage job can easily duo this ENM.
  • Race Runner is a spellcasting mob, using Aero IV, Aeroga III, Blink, and Gravity in addition to standard Eft special attacks (including a ranged stun attack and single-target poison attack Toxic Spit). It seems to be resistant to Ranged Attacks at certain times.
  • Race Runner runs around almost constantly, only doing melee damage if it comes near the character that it has hate on; its melee hits are very fast, when it does stop to hit. It uses very little magic while being meleed; when it does cast, the tank can usually run outside of spell range.
  • Ignores pet hate. This means any beastmaster or summoner fighting will not be able to tank it using jug pets or avatars.
  • Susceptible to Stun to interrupt spellcasting.

Job specific strategies

See Strategies.

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