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Steals an enemy's MP. Ineffective against undead.


Spell cost: 20 MP
Ecosystem: Amorphs
Type: Magical (Dark)
Blue Magic Points: 4
Stat Bonus: MP+5


Casting Time: 4 seconds
Recast Time: 90 seconds


  • Much higher chance of resist during the day.

Skillchain/Magic Burst Info

Magic Bursts on: Compression, Gravitation, Darkness

How to Obtain

Acquired From

Mob Family: Leech
Minimum Blue Mage Level To Acquire: 32
Name Level Zone
Thread Leech 18-21 Ordelle's Caves
19-22 Pashhow Marshlands
21-25 Valkurm Dunes
28-31 Korroloka Tunnel
Acrophies 32-34 Qufim Island
33-36 Lufaise Meadows
Big Leech [Fishing] 34-36 Rolanberry Fields
Royal Leech 35-38 Sea Serpent Grotto
Goblin's Leech 35-40 Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Goobbue Parasite 42-45 Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Canal Leech [Fishing] 45-47 Toraimarai Canal
Labyrinth Leech 45-48 Labyrinth of Onzozo
45-48 Gustav Tunnel
Yagudo Parasite 45-48 Castle Oztroja
Leech King (NM) 35-36 Maze of Shakhrami
Aroma Leech (NM) 38-38 Ordelle's Caves
Masan (NM) 39-39 Sea Serpent Grotto