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A hidden attribute like physical accuracy that is checked against the target's Resistance to determine how much offensive magic is Resisted.

It is assumed that one point of skill in the appropriate magic skill (e.g. Elemental Magic, Enfeebling Magic, ...) corresponds to one point of Magic Accuracy, perhaps 0.9 Magic Accuracy after 200 skill.

Some players believe that certain attributes also seem to increase Magic Accuracy, but this is heavily debated:

  • INT increases Magic Accuracy for Black Magic debuffs and Black Magic nukes.
  • MND increases Magic Accuracy for White Magic debuffs, and perhaps for White Magic nukes.
  • CHR increases Magic Accuracy for Bard Song debuffs.

It is assumed that two points in these attributes correspond to one point of Magic Accuracy for related spells.

See the Resistance page for more information.