Maneuvers are a set of switchboard-like signals used by Puppetmasters to exert greater control over the abilities of their Automatons. There are 8 different maneuvers corresponding to the 8 elements of Vana'diel and each enhances both the stats of the automaton and any attachments that share that element.

How they work

An Animator, Turbo Animator, or Animator +1 must be equipped to use maneuvers. Maneuver commands can be found under the Pet Commands sub-category of the Abilities menu.

Maneuvers share a 10 second recast timer and up to three (3) elemental maneuvers may be active at the same time. Each maneuver lasts a maximum of 1 minute. However, once 3 maneuvers are active you do not need to wait for a maneuver to wear off before using a new maneuver. Instead the new maneuver will replace the first of the 3 active maneuvers already in place. Therefore a Puppetmaster may have a constant cycle of maneuvers in place that are updated every 10 seconds.

However, using too many maneuvers of the same element in close succession may cause an Overload.


 Dark Maneuver
 Earth Maneuver
 Fire Maneuver
 Ice Maneuver
 Light Maneuver
 Thunder Maneuver
 Water Maneuver
 Wind Maneuver

Keeping track of maneuvers

In game, when a maneuver is used, an associated icon will appear in the status bar. Each subsequent maneuver, after the first, will shift the previous maneuver's icon to the right until three maneuvers icons are active. Therefore the use of a 4th maneuver will remove the maneuver icon furthest to the right and the newest maneuver icon will appear on the left.

What they do

At their simplest each maneuver will grant a +1 boost to the Automaton's associated stat e.g. each active Water maneuver will grant a +1 bonus to the Automaton's MND stat.

Puppetry Dastanas gives an additional +1 boost to Automaton's associated stat, e.g. Wind maneuver will grant +2 AGI.

However, the main use for maneuvers is to activate or enhance the effects of the Automaton's attachments.

For example, the Shock Absorber attachment provides no basic bonus. Instead the use of an Earth maneuver may activate a Stoneskin effect.

Conversely, the Tension Spring attachment gives a flat 5% Attack Bonus bonus. However, the use of Fire maneuvers will increase this bonus.

More details of the effects of manuevers can be found the pages for individual attachments.

Element Associated Stat
 Earth  VIT
 Water  MND
 Wind  AGI
 Fire  STR
 Ice  INT
 Lightning  DEX
 Light  CHR
 Dark  MP
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