Mercenary Rank

The Basics

The Mercenary Rank system works the same way as the Nations Rank system. With a higher Rank, you are able to buy more items with Imperial Standing Points at an Imperial Gate Guard and the Sanction status will last longer. Instead of spending Crystals at Conquest Overseers and doing missions after getting enough Allegiance reputation (the red bar at your profile), you have to successfully complete Assaults for your Mercenary reputation.

The Details

You automatically become a Mercenary when you begin Aht Urhgan Mission 3: President Salaheem. You start with the Rank "Private Second Class" (PSC) and a PSC Wildcat Badge.

Ranking Up

To earn the next Mercenary Rank you have to accumulate 25 "Rank-Up Points" in Assault Missions, as follows:

  • You earn 5 points for successfully completing a particular Assault Mission for the first time.
  • You earn 1 point for successfully completing a previously-completed Assault Mission.
  • The ranks of the Mercenary and mission do not matter; in particular, higher-ranked Mercenaries do not need to do higher-ranked missions, to earn points.
  • You earn 5 points for completing each new set of 5 floors in Nyzul Isle Investigation.
  • You earn 1 point for completing a previously-completed set of 5 floors in Nyzul Isle Investigation.
  • You can only accumulate 25 points. After that, until the rank-up quest is complete, any further points that would be earned are lost.
  • There is no maintenance reset for your Rank-Up Points; they carry forward until you complete the next Promotion Quest.


  • Don't waste easy winning missions. For example, a character with PSC Rank and many accumulated points by only doing Excavation Duty shouldn't do 3 new missions, when it is close to 25. You can do them with PFC Rank and they count all as 5 points. You should remember won missions or just look in-game under Mission > Assault. All completed missions are registered.
  • Speak with Abquhbah at I-10 Aht Urhgan Whitegate when you are unsure of how many points you have. Choose the topic Mercenary Assessment (for further details see Abquhbah).

After you have earned enough points, speak with Naja Salaheem for a Promotion Quest. Fulfill Naja's task and you will be granted with a higher rank and a new key item: "Rank" Wildcat badge. At this time, your Rank-Up Points will be reset to 0 and you will once again be able to earn more.


Mercenary Rank Quest for Obtaining Rank Key Item Rank-Up Points Needed for Promotion to Next Rank
PSC Private Second Class Aht Urhgan Mission 3: President Salaheem PSC Wildcat Badge 25
PFC Private First Class Promotion: Private First Class PFC Wildcat Badge 25
SP Superior Private Promotion: Superior Private SP Wildcat Badge 25
LC Lance Corporal Promotion: Lance Corporal LC Wildcat Badge 25
C Corporal Promotion: Corporal C Wildcat Badge 25
S Sergeant Promotion: Sergeant S Wildcat Badge 25
SM Sergeant Major Promotion: Sergeant Major SM Wildcat Badge 25
CS Chief Sergeant Promotion: Chief Sergeant CS Wildcat Badge 25
SL Second Lieutenant Promotion: Second Lieutenant SL Wildcat Badge 25
FL First Lieutenant Promotion: First Lieutenant FL Wildcat Badge N/A
Captain Promotion: Captain Captain Wildcat Badge N/A
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