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Abbreviation: MND

A stat that determines the effectiveness of Healing Magic spells, White Magic Enhancing Magic spells and White Magic Enfeebling Magic spells, and is thought to have an impact on a character's Magical Resistance.

Mind also plays a large role in determining the damage of Chi Blast, Banish, and Holy Bolts.

**NOTE** Mind also has a slight increase in your overall cure potency. It also affects the formula for Cure V ((Healing magic skill / 3) + (MND * 1.5) + 430)

Associated with the element of Water. Many water-based items add MND to a character's Stats. Example: Leviathan's Rod

Breakdown of level 1 mind stats by race and class

Mithra: 8 (WHM)

Elvaan: 9 (WHM)

Galka: 8 (WHM)

Hume: 8 (WHM)

Tarutaru: 8 (WHM)