Your moogle can store items in your Mog House for you while you're out adventuring. When you first enter your Mog House, you can store up to 50 items in your Mog Safe. Your safe can be accessed from anywhere there are residential facilities, or anywhere there is a Nomad Moogle.

You can increase the capacity of your safe by completing the bed quests (see below). For each of these quests you complete, your mog safe capacity increases by 10. There are three quests in total, for a total of 80 possible mog safe space.

Mog Safe 2

Eden comes with Mog Safe 2 automatically unlocked.

  • Mog Safe 2 functions identically to Mog Safe.
  • Both Mog Safe and Mog Safe 2 share the same maximum storage value.

Mog Safe Expansion Quests

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