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Start NPC: Mishhar - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (H-8)
Previous quest completed
Items Needed: None
Title: None
Reward: Depends on your job, see below.

Previous Quest: Give Peace a Chance
Next Quest:
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  • Talk to Mishhar (H-8), 2nd floor for first cutscene. (note: you must wait until after JST midnight to start this quest after completing Give Peace a Chance)
  • Run into the Tea House at (J-12) for the second cutscene.
  • Talk to Mishhar again for a third cutscene.
  • Enter Mamook from Wajaom Woodlands D-12 : Examine the ??? around the J-7 Area right next to the zone.
  • Jade Sepulcher: Examine the Ornamental Door for a cutscene.
    • Examining the Ornamental Door again will allow access to the BCNM fight. Very important: none of your friends can access to the BCNM if they don't have this quest started or finished yet.
    • There are three NPC Humes, who mostly run around in circles. The battle will end if all of them are defeated.
    • You cannot cure the NPCs, and the mobs will often focus their attacks on them, regardless of hate.
    • The monsters are extremely weak to a level 75, easily duoed by a mage and melee.
  • Return to Mishhar for your reward.
    • The reward given is based on the main job when talking with Mishhar after completing the BC.


Strength Potion (WAR)
Strength Potion (MNK)
Mind Potion (WHM)
Intelligence Potion (BLM)
Vile Elixir Plus 1 (RDM)
Hermes Quencher (THF)
Vitality Potion (PLD)
Strength Potion (DRK)
Charisma Potion (BST)
Charisma Potion (BRD)
Agility Potion (RNG)
Icarus Wing (SAM)
Agility Potion (NIN)
Strength Potion (DRG)
Pro-Ether Plus 1 (SMN)
Vile Elixir Plus 1 (BLU)
Agility Potion (COR)
Dexterity Potion (PUP)

Game Description

Client: Mishhar (Serpentking Square, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)

Mishhar wants you to explain to Minfram the facts about what happened between Isween and the beastmen.