Start NPC:   Moogle - Mog House in your home city
  Reputation: 7 in your home city
  Items Needed:   Noble's Bed
  Raptor Mantle
  Wool Hat
  Title:   Mog's Loving Master
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   A new Mog Safe with a 80 item capacity.
  Previous Quest:   The Moogle's Picnic!
  Next Quest:   None


  • In order for this quest to become available, you must place a Noble's Bed in your Mog House.
  • Once the the conquest has tallied, you Moogle will present you with this quest. Please note: The Noble's Bed must be in your Mog House at least one full Vana'diel day, and perhaps at least five full Vana'diel days before the conquest tally for you to get this quest. (see Furniture Quests for more details)
  • Your moogle wishes to take a break and asks you if it can go with its friends on a trip overseas. Allow him to do so.
  • Your moogle wants to take a Raptor Mantle for protection against the searing sun and a Wool Hat for the torrential rains. He asks that you get them for him.
  • Trade him both.
  • After going away on his trip -- oddly(this takes until the next conquest tally), he doesn't physically leave your Mog House as far as you can tell -- he will come back with a new Mog Safe that now holds 80 items!

Game Description

Client: Moogle - Mog House in your home city

Your moogle wants to take a raptor mantle and a wool hat to his friends in the Outlands. He sure would be happy if you found them for him.
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