Type: NPC

Location: Windurst Woods (J-3)


While not common knowledge, Nanaa's parentage is rather distinguished. She is the daughter of two of the more famous adventurers in Windurst's history. Her mother is none other than former Chieftainess and Mercenary Major Romaa Mihgo. Her father is the war hero and military tactician Lehko Habhoka.

Yet despite the fame of her parents, Nanaa has carved out her own life as the infamous "Cat Burglar" of Windurst. Her "antics" are known throughout the world, yet she somehow still manages to find home in Windurst. She left Kazham in anger after Romaa picked Jakoh Wahcondalo as her successor. Despite her penchant for troublemaking, it is perhaps because of her political connections that the Windurstian authorities don't bother her as she is allowed to run her "business" without interference.

Starts Quests

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Involved in Quests

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