First of all, welcome to Eden! This is a simple guide in which i will outline how simple and profitable it is to garden in FFXI. The only pre-requisite needed is approximately 20k gil to set up and don't worry, you will make this back and much more very easily.

If you are struggling with the initial set up costs, please refer to this page for some further information.

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I describe this guide as a 'New & Returning Player' guide because it's a solid method of income for anyone who doesn't know how to make gil any other way. In my opinion it's also suitable for casuals as it only requires you to log in once per real life day, for all of 10 minutes.

What you will need

If you are experienced with gardening already and are just looking for a tldr; wildgrass seeds + water crystal + any flowepot = gils. If you are new to gardening, please read on.

There are 5 things you will need:

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  • 10 Flowerpots
  • 1 Maple Table
  • 10 Seeds
  • 10 Crystals
  • Patience!


There are 3 types of flowerpots, each purchasable in the 3 starter cities:

They all cost at most 1100 gil each. Buy 10 of them for a total of 11k gil. They all work the same way and give the same results so don't worry that one is better than the other. There are better flowerpots available later on in the game but don't worry about that right now. These ones are more than sufficient for most people throught the entire game.

Maple Table

Vegetable seed flowering.png

Simply head over to the Auction House and pick one of these up. There's usually 10s if not hundreds of these listed cheap as well. Current Auction price stands at 1k gil.

Alternatively they can be purchased from the woodworking guild in San d'Oria for a similar price. For further information, please look here.


Whilst at the Auction House, you should search for Wildgrass Seeds. These can be found under 'Other' and then 'Misc.' They can vary in price but typically you'll be looking at the 6k mark. Buy a stack of 12. You can only plant 10 at a time so make sure you save the 2 extras as they will be used at a later date.

Wildgrass seeds can be purchased from a vendor here however, is inaccessible to new players. They are cheaper to buy from the vendor so if you have a friend that can buy these for you, it's worth asking!


The last component you need are crystals. These can be bought again at the Aucton House and are dirt cheap. 300 gils a stack. Again, buy a stack of 12.

For further information on how to obtain crystals via signet, please see here.


You have all of the ingredients you need now. I'm not going to describe in depth as to how gardening works because page does that already.

To summarize, plant the Wildgrass Seeds into your Flowerpots and feed them a Water Crystal when prompted. The growing cycle last approximately 7 days and this particular recipe yields only 2 results:

Wildgrass seed flowering.png

Fire crystals are a notoriously good seller on the Auction House with the current price at 2.5k a stack. Tokopekko wildgrass is all sold to a vendor for approximately 400-450 gil each. On average, 10 flowerpots will yield 20-30k's worth of gil. Or your initial investment returned after 7 days.

Advance Your Gardening Further

After a 2nd harvest cycle, you will not only have made your initial investment back but now have a regular form of income. You should use this to take advantage of Eden's rules of allowing a maximum of 3 characters. Everyone is allowed to have an 'alt' with the same priviledges as their 'main'. The 3rd character is strictly to remain in town and make no character progression. This forunately does not prohibit gardening!

In short, repeat the above steps on 2 more characters and you will triple you gil income.

About the Author

If you would like to know more about the author, you can find my wikipedia user profile here. Thanks for reading and i hope my guide has been useful to you.

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