Start NPC: Fhe Maksojha - Nashmau (H-6)
Items Needed:
Reward: 3 Imperial Gold Pieces

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This quest is relatively unknown and a couple of the FFXI websites have yet to even publish details about it. However, it is a very satisfying quest with long cutscenes, a rich story (considering how short it is), and a hearty reward of 3 imperial gold pieces that can fetch more than 30,000 gil on most servers. The two points that trigger the cutscenes are relatively close together so there isn't a lot of distracting run-around to drag out the story.


  • Talk to Fhe Maksojha (H-6) for a cutscene about a mother who is looking for her son.
  • Head to Caedarva Mire (K-8) and click a ??? for another cutscene.
  • Go back to Fhe Maksojha for another cut scene with her.
  • Back to the ??? for a fourth cut scene. Prepare to fight a Lamia and a Qutrub. (Note: Lamia No.27 can use Belly Dance (Charm-ga))
  • Click the ??? once more to spawn Lamia No.27 and Moshdahn.
    • The Qutrub can be soloed by level 75 jobs that are really great at soloing, however the Lamia poses the major threat with its Belly Dance. If everyone gets charmed, the Lamia likes to regen its health to full before anyone can respond to it and dots seem to wear quickly. Anyone uncharmed is quickly dispatched. However, a BST capable of landing charm on one of the VT Spongilla Flies that are flapping around the area can easily solo the Lamia and the Pet fly is immune to the Belly Dance. Your fly should have about 50-60% HP remaining when the Lamia is killed.
    • The Qutrub would best be handled by another BST capable of charming another VT fly or a trio that includes a healer, a tank, and a high-impact damage dealing job. If possible the DD should start the fight with at least 100% TP.
    • Additionally, the Lamia can be slept allowing a good party to dispatch of the Qutrub first, then take care of the Lamia.
    • It is recommended that this fight be done during the day to avoid possible aggro from the Jnun which will detect low HP.
    • Doing this battle during peak times will keep the area clear of imps that may pose a danger to your camp. Asking a nearby party to babysit the vicinity is also a great way to play it safe.
  • Click the ??? for another cut scene.
  • Return to Fhe Maksojha for 3 Imperial gold coins.

Game Description

Client: Wadayra (Northern Gate, Nashmau)

Wadayra wants you to look for her precious son, Ahgdeen, who has run away from home. He must be sorely missing his dear mother by now. Apparently he was last sighted in the northern part of Caedarva Mire.
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