Summons Odin to fight by your side.


Spell cost: ? MP
Spell element: Dark
Magic skill: Summoning Magic
Jobs: Summoner Level 1Verification Needed



Casting Time:7 seconds Verification Needed
Recast Time: 2 hours (effectively)

Avatar Abilities

Odin's Blood Pacts are all Dark-based.

Blood Pact: Rage

Blood Pact Level MP S/T1 Description Comment
Zantetsuken 1Verification Needed Information Needed Information Needed Uses all MP and inflicts Death on targets within range. Notorious Monsters will be hit for damage based on the summoner's remaining MP. The accuracy of this ability is dependent on the number of targets within range. Verification Needed

Available only while Astral Flow is active.

Blood Pact: Ward

Blood Pact Level MP S/T1 Description Comment

1 S/T column indicates whether a particular Blood Pact participates in Skillchains (S) or uses TP (T). Blood Pacts that use TP can be used as a Magic Burst; however, Astral Flow can also Magic Burst even though it does not actually consume TP.

How to Obtain


Magic of Vana'diel: Summoning Magic

Carbuncle • Diabolos • Fenrir • Garuda • Ifrit  • Leviathan • Ramuh • Shiva • Titan


Air • Dark • Earth • Fire • Ice • Light • Thunder • Water

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