Type: Guild Merchant (Alchemy)

Location: Bastok Mines (K-6)


  • Open: 08:00 - 23:00. Closed for weekly holiday on Lightsday.
  • No longer shares stock with Maymunah, and prices are static.
  • Has much higher stock limits than Maymunah, but can be depleted.
  • Stock is replenished over time, and everything is restocked.
Name Price Alchemy Rank Required
Triturator 75 None
Beehive Chip 40 None
Mercury 1,700 None
Animal Glue 300 Recruit
Poison Dust 320 Recruit
Slime Oil 1,500 Initiate
Bomb Ash 515 Initiate
Ahriman Tears 200 Initiate
Glass Fiber 1,200 Novice
Firesand 5,000 Novice
Vitriol 700 Apprentice
Sieglinde Putty 4,000 Apprentice
Dryad Root 1,800 Apprentice
Carbon Fiber 1,900 Journeyman
Hecteyes Eye 2,100 Journeyman
Toad Oil 3,600 Journeyman
Cermet Chunk 5,000 Craftsman
Venom Dust 1,035 Craftsman
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