Type: BCNM
Zone: Waughroon Shrine
        Level: None
        Members: 6
        Time: 30 minutes
Orb: Lachesis Orb (30 Kindred's Seals)





Platoon Scorpion x 6



Possible Rewards

Item Rarity Item Rarity
     Adaman Ingot            Beetle Blood      
     Coral Fragment            Damascus Ingot      
     Damascene Cloth            Gold Thread      
     Granite            Gold Ore      
     High Quality Scorpion Shell            Hi-Reraiser      
     Mahogany Log            Malboro Fiber      
     Mythril Ore            Mythril Ingot      
     Orichalcum Ingot            Platinum Ore      
     Petrified Log            Philosopher's Stone      
     Phoenix Feather            Raxa      
     Ram Horn            Reraiser      
     Venomous Claw      10%?      Wyvern Scales      
     Anubis's Knife            Expunger      25%
     Heart Snatcher      25%      Hierarch Belt     ~50%?
     Palmerin's Shield            Rampager      25%
     Trainer's Gloves            Senjuinrikio      25%
     Warwolf Belt     ~50%?      Vile Elixir      
     Demon Horn            Serket Ring      4%
     Ebony Log            Rainbow Cloth      
     Sword Strap      33%?      Claymore Grip      ~33%
     Pole Grip      ~33%            


  • The Platoon Scorpions use only the AoE Scorpion specials:
  • The AoE they use gets stronger as they die - by the time there is only 1 left it can hit for up to 300 damage.
  • Whenever one does an AoE, the others will wake up and do the same AoE if it is close.
  • If they are close enough to mimic each others AoE maneuvers they share a small amount of hate.
  • Sometimes after an Earth Pounder you see the message "The platoon scorpion's legs are lodged in the rocks!" which indicates that they are bound.
  • Sometimes after a Wild Rage you see the message "The platoon scorpion does not have enough energy to attack!" and it stops attacking for about 10 seconds.
  • They cannot be feasibly slept after the 3rd or 4th Sleep. Bind and Gravity are suggested.
  • Lullaby is never resisted, but loses about 4 seconds of duration with each cast. By the 9th cast it wears off immediately.
  • The Scorpions can resist a Lullaby by a Bard subjob.


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