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One of the five Ministries of Magic found in Windurst and the official Windurst Department of Magic ("Orastery" is a combination of the words "ministry" and "oral"). Located in Port Windurst, War Warlocks are trained here. Hakkuru-Rinkuru and Kuroido-Moido work here in the service of Minister Ajido-Marujido. Quest series for the Orastery are:

  1. Making Amends, from Hakkuru-Rinkuru
  2. Making Amens!, from Kuroido-Moido
  3. Wonder Wands, from Hakkuru-Rinkuru

Other quests:

  1. Catch It If You Can!, from Ohruru
  2. Orastery Woes, from Kuroido-Moido