Start NPC:   Orlando - Mhaura (G-9)
  Windurst Reputation and/or Level 20 ?
  Items Needed:   Fish Bones or
  Chicken Bone or
  Goblin Die or
  Rotten Meat or
  Goblin Cup or
  Fingernail Sack or
  Teeth Sack or
  Beastcoin or
  Silver Beastcoin or
  Mythril Beastcoin or
  Gold Beastcoin
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   100g-900g, depending on items turned in.

  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   None


  • Orlando is a collector seeking "junk" buried by Goblins.
  • These items may only be dug up while on a Chocobo. They may be found by tracing the path of Goblin Diggers in the areas they are found in. If allowed to continue on their path without aggro, they will occasionally stop to bury an item. Wait for them to move on, then dig at the spot the item was buried to retrieve it.
  • Bear in mind that many of these items may also be purchased (from NPCs or other players). In some cases, a few may also be obtained through Mining or Excavation. Buying these items will be a less time-intensive method for completing the quest, though they can cost more than the reward you will obtain.
  • Trade a stack of eight of one type of item to Orlando. (He will only accept items in stacks of eight.) Rewards vary by the type of item traded:

  • Zoning is reportedly not sufficient for Orlando to accept the same item type a second time.

Game Description

Client: Orlando (Orlando's Antiques, Mhaura)

Find where the Goblins bury their junk. Bring back eight of the same type and Orlando will reward you well.
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