Start NPC:   Ayame - Metalworks K-7
  Bastok Reputation 3
  Chains of Promathia Expansion
  Items Needed:   Hoary Bomb Ash x 11
  Title:   Trash Collector
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   2,200 gil total
  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   A Question of Faith


To Oldton

Back and Forth

  • Talk to Ravorara four times - once for each key item. You will receive a total of 1,000 gil for these four items.
  • At this point, the quest is semi-repeatable. After turning in the key items to Ravorara, you may farm upto ten more Hoary Bomb Ash. Trade them again to Brakobrik. In exchange, he will give you more of the key items listed above, upto one of each. You may then talk to Ravorara again and you will receive a total of 1,000 gil for each these four items.

Game Description

Client: Ayame (Cannonry, Metalworks)

A Goblin lair known as Movalpolos has suddenly appeared in North Gustaberg. Ayame wishes you to investigate this lair with the cooperation of a visiting scholar waiting in Port Bastok.
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