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Parrying Skill determines your ability to Parry (i.e. block) an Attack with your Weapon, negating all Damage. The higher your Parrying Skill, the more often it will activate (relative to mob level). Additionally, for every two points of Agility, your effective parrying stat (derived from skill and AGI) is increased by one.

To activate parrying skill you must:

  • Face the mob (within a ~60 degree angle).
  • Have your weapon drawn.
  • Fail your evasion check.

Parrying skill can activate while casting spells. Parry can activate during a ranged attack so long as you are facing your auto-attack target.

Job Ratings

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
Corsair A- 6 114 269
Ninja A- 6 114 269
Thief A- 6 114 269
Samurai A- 6 114 269
Paladin C 5 105 225
Beastmaster C 5 105 225
Dragoon C 5 105 225
Warrior C- 5 105 220
Blue Mage D 4 101 210
Puppetmaster D 4 101 210
Bard E 4 94 200
Dark Knight E 4 94 200
Monk E 4 94 200
Red Mage E 4 94 200

Equipment that enhances this Skill

Name Skill Increase
+15 +12 +10 +8 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +1
Chaos Flanchard +1 Check.png
Warlock's Gloves +1 Check.png
Wyrm Mail +1 Check.png
Wyrm Mail Check.png
Koga Hatsuburi +1 Check.png
Drachen Finger Gauntlets +1 Check.png
Conte Zucchetto Check.png
Scout's Braccae +1 Check.png
Myochin Haidate +1 Check.png
Beast Gloves +1 Check.png
Parrying Knife Check.png
Duel Rapier Check.png
Rogue's Bonnet Check.png
Warlock's Gloves Check.png
Chaos Flanchard Check.png
Drachen Finger Gauntlets Check.png
Magus Bazubands Check.png
Grand Temple Knight's Gauntlets Check.png
Barone Zucchetto Check.png
Boxer's Mantle Check.png
Scout's Braccae Check.png
Koga Hatsuburi Check.png
Verdun +1 Check.png
Yasha Tekko +1 Check.png
Warrior's Mask +1 Check.png
Verdun Check.png
Yasha Tekko Check.png
Parrying Torque Check.png
Rapier +1 Check.png
Spark Rapier +1 Check.png
Demon Helm +1 Check.png
Schiltron Spear Check.png
Sai +1 Check.png
Choral Roundlet +1 Check.png
Beast Gloves Check.png
Choral Roundlet Check.png
Corsair's Gants Check.png
Myochin Haidate Check.png
Royal Guard's Fleuret Check.png
Rapier Check.png
Spark Rapier Check.png
Phantom Fleuret Check.png
Praefectus's Gloves Check.png
Conte Manopolas Check.png
Palladium Dagger Check.png
Amir Kolluks Check.png
Bushinomimi Check.png
Demon Helm Check.png
Warrior's Mask Check.png
Yasha Samue +1 Check.png
Bard's Slippers +1 Check.png
Barone Manopolas Check.png
Conte Gambieras Check.png
Otori Check.png
Monster Helm +1 Check.png
Monster Helm Check.png
Sai Check.png
Parrying Earring Check.png
Fortified Chain Check.png
Barone Gambieras Check.png
Bard's Slippers Check.png
Yasha Samue Check.png
Mu Necklace Check.png
Kugui Check.png