Start NPC:   Luto Mewrilah - Upper Jeuno (G-8)
  Sufficient Adventuring Fellow Bond
  Items Needed:   Bison Steak
  San d'Orian Tea
  Icecap Rolanberry
  White Bread
  Whitefish Stew
  Windurst Salad
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Strengthens the bonds between you and your adventuring fellow.
  (Increases max Adventuring Fellow Bond to 50).

  Previous Quest:   Mirror, Mirror
  Next Quest:   Blighted Gloom


  • Except for the Bison Steak, all of them are sold from one merchant or another, depending on the national Conquest Ranking.

Game Description

Client: Luto Mewrilah (Artisan Bridge, Upper Jeuno)

Luto wants you to search the Optistery library in Windurst for a book that can help her repair the broken mirror.
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