Job Ability

  • Allows you to dodge all melee attacks.
  • Obtained: Thief Level 1
  • Recast Time: 2:00:00
  • Duration: 0:00:30


  • Perfect Dodge is a Thief's two hour special.
  • Magic based attacks will still have an effect on the user.
  • Ranged attacks, despite being physical damage, will still have an effect on the user.
  • Very useful to escape from sticky situations.
  • One strategy in case of a link, is for a Thief/Warrior to Provoke the mob and then throw up Perfect Dodge, ensuring a successful zone with no death.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Perfect Dodge" <me>
  • Since Perfect Dodge is a two hour special, some people prefer not to make a macro for it to prevent unintentional activation.
  • Some people like to use Perfect Dodge in conjunction with a scroll of Instant Warp:
    • /ja "Perfect Dodge" <me>
    • /wait 1
    • /item "Instant Warp" <me>
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