Start NPC:   Diederik - Selbina (G-10)
  Sufficient Adventuring Fellow Bond
  NPC Level 50
  Items Needed:   Pickaxe
  Title:   Team Player
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Raises Adventuring Fellow Level Cap to 55

  Previous Quest:   A Pose by Any Other Name
  Mirror, Mirror
  Next Quest:   Regaining Trust


Castle Oztroja


Option 1: Angelica

Option 2: Umberto

After both Options

  • Travel to Castle Oztroja and open the Brass Door at I-8 to travel upstairs. Head South to I-9 and exit East to the 2nd floor of the courtyard, where Quu Domi the Gallant spawns.
  • Follow the path round to I-8 again, to a second Brass Door. Click on the door for a brief cutscene with your NPC. Click the door again to enter.
  • Click on the ??? inside the room to spawn a Yagudo Muralist (BLM) and your NPC.
  • During the battle, your friend will appear and help you defeat the Yagudo.
  • Note: Anyone in your party, as long as they also have the quest, can enter the chamber and assist in the fight. However, in order for the next person to spawn the NM, a rezoning into the chamber is required. However, if the person who has just finished the fight also zones out, they will be unable to re-enter.
  • When defeated, talk to your NPC and then click the ??? again to get an Opalescent Stone (key item).
  • Speak with Angelica in Windurst Waters who will give you a Key Item: Old Woman's Portrait and ask you to deliver it to Umberto in Bastok Markets to complete the quest.

Game Description

Client: Diederik (Port, Selbina)

Diederik has lost a painting ordered by a valued customer. He wants you to help him earn time in order to get a replacement painting before anyone notices.


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