Enhances defense for party members within an area of effect.


Spell cost: 65 MP
Spell element: Light
Magic skill: Enhancing

Increases Defense by 55.


Casting Time: 5.25 seconds
Recast Time: 18 seconds

Other Uses

NPC Sell Price: 4,500 gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > White Magic ( )

Furniture Quest

Install a Bureau in your Mog House, then talk to your Moogle after the next conquest update.


Price: 74,520 - 98,800 gil
Name Location Type
Brave Ox Rabao (F-7) Standard Merchant
Shohrun-Tuhrun Windurst Waters (G-7) Standard Merchant
Zafif Al Zahbi (J-8) Standard Merchant


These haven't been implemented yet.

Name Level Cap Zone
Compliments to the Chef No Level Restriction, 30 minutes, 6 members Talacca Cove
Shadows of the Mind No Level Restriction, 30 minutes, 6 members Jade Sepulcher
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