Type: NPC

Location: All over Al'Taieu, Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, and The Garden of Ru'Hmet


  • The residents of Lumoria, identified simply as "Quasilumin," appearing as scintillating orbs of light.
  • Some are stationary, and have one line of conversation if you

talk to them. If you talk to all of these in a zone, talking to one of them again gives you the map of that zone. There are 20 of them in Al'Taieu, and 10 each in Hu'Xzoi and Ru'Hmet.

  • In Hu'Xzoi

there are also 4 places where you check a Cermet Alcove to spawn a mobile Quasilumin. You must escort it to its destination, and it opens doors for you along the way. This is necessary for A Fate Decided and also for fighting the Notorious Monsters in Hu'Xzoi.

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