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Type: Conquest Overseer

Location: Bastok Markets (E-11)


Main Conquest related NPC for Bastok citizens.

Notes for characters only with Bastok as current Allegiance
  • Recharges Empress BandChariot Band, and Emperor Band.
  • Accepts traded Crystals for filling up the Bastok Mission-Rank bar (the red bar at the character's profile)
  • Sells items for Conquest Points (Items for Bastok) at certain conditions. It will be also possible to get some items of other Nations (Items for San d'Oria / Items for Windurst) at the guards, if your current Allegiance ranks higher at the weekly Conquest results (for further information see under the items articles)
  • Starts Supply Run Missions and offers a list of already delivered supplies
  • Starts an Expeditionary Force by giving an E.F. region insignia to you
  • Explains the Conquest system by choosing some available questions.
Notes for characters only without Bastok as current Allegiance
  • Doesn't offer any function

For further information see Conquest Overseer.