Heavens Tower, Administration Room


Cost to Change Allegiance when Windurst is in:

1st Place in Conquest - 40,000g
2nd Place in Conquest - 12,000g
3rd Place in Conquest - 4,000g
  • The taru is right inside the room with the door that says Clerical Chamber, across the fountain when you zone in.
  • When changing allegiance, you retain all conquest points.
  • If this is the first time you've switched to this nation, you are reset to Rank 1.
  • If you decide later to return to your previous Nation, you will get your previous Rank back.
  • Any rewards for missions done in other nations are retained when you switch (i.e. you will keep your Airship Pass, etc.)
  • You will keep all Outposts from your old nations.
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