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You can access this screen using your Menu: Status > Profile, This screen displays your characters details, which includes the Rank Points. Rank points are given for the completion of missions, and can also be gained through the donation of crystals to the Guards in your home nation (Or Jeuno). [1]

1. Rank
This is your current rank, in this image the Rank of the character is '5'.
2. Rank Points
This bar shows the amount of Rank Points you have earned, in bar form, it also shows how many rank points you can earn before filling the bar.

Collecting Rank Points

Some Missions will only appear after you have filled your Rank Points bar to a certain level. This can be done either by participating in repeatable missions, or by trading crystals to any Conquest Overseer that can give you Signet. If you donate crystals beyond the point of filling your rank bar, the extra points will be added to your Conquest Points, and the Conquest Overseer will not accept any more.