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Start NPC: Kakkaroon - Nashmau (H-8)
Items Needed:
Repeatable: No
Reward: 2 Imperial gold pieces, 2 Imperial mythril pieces, and 3 Imperial silver pieces.

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest:


  1. Talk to Kakkaroon in Nashmau (Port, near Karakul) to start quest.
  2. Talk to Nadee Periyaha in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (H-9) Serpentking Square
  3. Talk to Cacaroon in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (G-11)
  4. Trade Cacaroon one Imperial Bronze Piece.
  5. Return to Nashmau and speak to Ququroon. (H-6)
  6. Ququroon will make you a bowl of Nashmau Stew, but needs the following fish to make it:
  7. Trade the bowl of Nashmau Stew to Kyokyoroon (H-7, upper floor) for a cutscene.
  8. Speak to Kakkaroon for another cutscene that ends the quest.

Note: Step 6 is identical to a separate quest, called Cook-a-roon?. You cannot bypass this by buying the stew, you must obtain the stew by completing this portion of the quest. Otherwise, you will be unable to progress to the next step. The quest Cook-a-roon? will not be considered complete under the quest log by completing step 6 of this quest.

Game Description


Kakkaroon - Nashmau


Young Rapipi adores the Qiqirn and wants to make friends with all the furry beastmen in Nashmau. However, therein lies the dilemma for poor Kakkaroon, who is deathly afraid of children. Perhaps "Nadee" can provide some advice on how to bring the two together.