• Commands the Pet to make a special attack.
  • Obtained: Beastmaster Level 25
  • Recast Time: 1 minute per charge; 3 minutes total to regain the maximum 3 charges
  • Duration: N/A


  • Commands your summoned Jug pet to use a selected special TP attack. The pet requires both a sufficient number of charges and 100% TP in order to use this ability. Selecting this command will show a list of the pet's TP moves. Each one uses a certain number of charges. See the monster family page or the specific jug pet's page for the specific number of charges needed for each TP move.
  • The Sic ability generates a moderate amount of enmity for the master.
  • You can see your pet's current TP by typing <pettp>.

Macro Syntax

  • /pet "Ready" <me>
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