Base En-spell (enfire, enblizzard, enthunder, enwater, enstone, enaero, auspice) damage is affected by the caster's enhancing magic skill, day, and weather effects. The formula for doing so is as follows:

The formula to calculate the base damage is:

where E is your Enhancing Magic Skill.
It is also possible for weather to affect the base damage

  • Weather modifiers are:
Corresponding weather: 0.1 (10%)
Double corresponding weather: 0.25 (25%)

  • Day modifiers are:
Corresponding day: 0.1 (10%)

Example: At enhancing magic of 171 we get:

If, in addition, it is double weather then the damage will be .

Credit to Apple at En-Spells & WS: Test and Discussion (Link Broken or Redirects to wrong page)

Maxing the effect

Total: 304 (without merits) / 320 (with max merits)

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