Used to enter any of the four Salvage areas. It can only be used once per Salvage event. It can also be used to enter Alzadaal Undersea Ruins from any entrance without needing to pay the fee of an Imperial Silver Piece; however, using the Runic Portal to enter the ruins still requires a Runic Portal Use Permit as usual. The permit remains in the player's inventory indefinitely until it is used to enter a Salvage area.

An odd circle of papyrus filled completely with complex cuneiform characters. This permit should allow you entrance into the restricted areas of the Ruins of Alzadaal...

How to obtain:

  • 24 hours (Earth time) must pass after purchasing a Remnants Permit before you are able to purchase a new one, and you may only hold one permit at a time. However, unlike Dynamis and Limbus, it is still possible to participate in two successive Salvage runs: buy a permit, wait 24 hours, use the permit on a Salvage run, then buy a new permit and you will be able to enter Salvage again immediately.
  • Note: You must be on a level 65+ job to obtain your permit.
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