A Rent-a-Room is an adventurer's home away from home, and has most of the features of the main Mog House. Storage is now available in Rent-a-Rooms; however, the Layout option is not available.

Items that are stored in both the Mog Safe in your Mog House back home and your Mog Locker with Salaheem's Sentinels are available. That is, your Moogle transfers your items to your Rent-a-Room. Despite the name, Rent-a-Room is always free of charge. Gardening can also be conducted here, though you cannot view your plants directly.

Effects of Entering a Rent-a-Room

Upon entering your mog house (or a rent-a-room), your Hit Points and Magic Points are fully restored. Damage over time effects are removed. Magic recast timers are reset to zero.

Rent-a-Room Locations

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