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Reputation, also known as fame, is a term used to decribe how well-known and respected a character is to NPCs. Your reputation level varies according to city; you may be well-known in Windurst but a nobody in Bastok. Your reputation level determines which quests you can start; NPC's are reluctant to trust a complete stranger with any but the most trivial of tasks. You gain reputation by completing quests, which in turn opens up more quests that you can do to earn more reputation. With a good reputation, the NPC's will feel comfortable asking you to do difficult tasks with correspondingly greater rewards. Also, merchants tend to offer better prices to you when you have a high reputation, in recognition of your services. The formula used to determine prices based on fame is a complex one; in general, the range between the lowest and highest starts at approximately 40% for items below 1000 gil median price, and reduces to approximately 20% for higher priced items. There may be exceptions to this rough formula.

Each city has a Reputation Checker, listed below, that will give you an idea of how famous you are in that city. The speech they give varies according to your reputation level; these are also listed below.

If you need reputation fast, there are some popular Quick Reputation quests that you can do to quickly raise your reputation.

Your Reputation Spreads

The reputation acquired in any one city will, in most cases, increase your reputation in at least one other city.

Information Needed Note: This list is incomplete; It does not include any of the possible reputation relationships between the above cities and Norg, nor between any city and the Tenshodo.

Reputation Reporters

When you speak to the following NPCs, the speech they give varies, according to your reputation level.

City NPC Location
Port Bastok Flaco In front of the Steaming Sheep Restaurant (E-6)
Southern San d'Oria Namonutice In the Lion Springs Tavern (K-6)
Windurst Waters (North) Zabirego-Hajigo In Timbre Timbers Tavern (F-10)
Lower Jeuno Mendi Across from Waag-Deeg's Magic Shop (H-8)
Kazham Ney Hiparujah Pakhroib's Residence (I-11)
Norg (Tenshodo) Vaultimand (H-8)
Rabao (Selbina) Waylea (G-9)
  • The following chart indicates what reputation level is attached to each response:
Reputation Level
1 <Name>? What is that, some kind of snail? Oh, that's your name. You must be a rookie adventurer, right? If you want the people of Bastok to know who you are, you're going to have to start helping them out. Earn their trust and they will come to count on you to do more things for them. Hmm... <Name>, you say? No, I never heard that name. Do not expect me to learn the name of every recruit! Do good for the kingdom and her people, and they shall come to know you. Once you have their trust, they will request your help more readily. Just keep your head down, and your day shall come. <Name>? Hmm... Sorry, but I have never heard that name before. Try doing some missions for Windurst. Bust your britches, and everybody'll know who you are. That's when the real work starts rolling in. People won't trust you unless you give them something to trust.
2 <Name>? Hmm...sounds familiar. Who was it again? Oh. Well, uh...not many people know who you are, but if you work hard enough, word will get around about your good deeds. <Name>...? Hmm... I might have heard that name before. Then again, Maybe not. You are not famous yet. Keep your nose to the grindstone and work for the people. Soon they will know you better. <Name>? Hmm... Now was that the name of the ...? No, that was some other guy. Either way, you're still not making much of a name for yourself here yet. Hard work and perserverence--that's what's going to put you on the map.
3 Oh, you're <Name> Yeah, I've heard of you. You're not doing bad for an adventurer.

Keep working hard, and the people of Bastok will come to recognize your efforts

Ah, <Name>. That is a name I often hear. People speak well of you! Your deeds for the kingdom have earned you much honor. Oh, you're the <Name> that people are starting to talk about. I've heard pretty good things about you. Hard work and perserverence--those are the only things that'll put you on the map.
4 Hello there, <Name>. Quite a few people are talking about the things you've done for Bastok. You're becoming quite famous. Keep on doing whatever you're doing! <Name>! You have become well known in these parts! I hear much of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work, and greatness lies in your future. Why, if it isn't <Name>! I heard some guys talking about you over their dinners at the eatery last night. They had nothing but good things to say about you. Keep up the good work!
5 Hello there, <Name>. A lot of people know about what you've done for Bastok. People are saying good things about you. Keep up the good work! Ah, <Name>! You are famous in our kingdom! Of you no ill is spoken. Give to the kingdom and she will give to you, no? Hello there, <Name>! There aren't many Windurstians who don't know that name. We're all proud to have you on our side. Keep up the great work!
6 Most everyone in this country knows your name by now, <Name>! People are saying great things about you. You don't know how proud that makes me feel--I've been following your progress ever since you came to Bastok! <Name>! I would venture that much the kingdom has heard your name! And your reputation sparkles. Indeed I am proud of you. And to think I first knew you when you were a new recruit! Mister/Miss <Name>! You'd have to be living in a hole somewhere not to have heard that name. All the bards in the land are singing songs of your outstanding deeds. Keep up the extraordinary work!
7 You must be <Name>. Don't look so surprised, as everyone knows your name and what you've done for Bastok. <Name>, we're very proud to have someone like you in our city. Hello, <Name>. Practically all of the kingdom has heard of you now. What's more, your reputation is stellar. I look forward to even greater things from you! Mister/Miss <Name>. There isn't a soul in all of Windurst that has yet to hear of your tales. Why, I Remember when you were just a fledgling adventurer. It seems like just yesterday...
8 Master/Miss <Name>! You are a hero to the people of Bastok! Everyone here knows your name and what you've done for us! You are the example every Bastoker should follow! <Name>! People are talking about you! Every infant in his cradle knows your name! And they hold you in highest regard! I am so proud of you! May your kind deeds continue! A day doesn’t go by when I fail to hear a tale of your deeds, Sir <Name>. Keep up the marvelous work!

[for citizens of Windurst, it reads this:] A day doesn’t go by when I fail to hear a tale of your deeds. I am proud to be a citizen of the same great country as Sir <Name>. Keep up the marvelous work!

9 Oh, it's you, <Name>. I've known you since you started off here in Bastok, but i never thought you'd come this far. You've become a househould name in these parts. You're even considered a hero by some...Like me! I pray that the Goddess Altana looks down upon you favorably in your journeys! Sir/Lady <Name>! There isn't a soul in the kingdom that doesn't consider you a hero! As a representative of the people of San d'Oria, I humbly ask you to continue your efforts for the good of the country. May the light of the Goddess shine upon you! Lord/Lady <Name>! I am honored to have the hero of Windurst in my presence. Every man and woman in the country knows by heart the tales of your courage. May the Goddess shine her light of grace upon you.
Reputation Level
0 You call yourself <name>? Well, I've never heard of you. You may be somebody in your little hometown, but things are different here. All roads lead to Jeuno. It's not easy to make a name for yourself with all these people here. If you're really so famous back home, then word should reach here eventually. For now, just finish what you started. Fame and fortune should follow.
1 <Name>, eh? Hmm... That name is vaguely familiar... But I'm afraid few in this town have heard of you. Just keep working at it. You'll make a name for yourself eventually. ~~I'm sorry, but I ain't heard of your name before. Who the hell are you? <Name>? Never heard of ya. How am I supposed to remember the name of one puny ant when there's millions of ya swarmin' around?

Rice Ball Price 186-172

~~Who is it? I've never heard of the name.
2 Oh, so you're <Name>... Yes, I heard some travelers in a tavern talk about you. It seems you've a reputation. If you keep doing whatever you're doing, I'm sure more Jeunonoans will come seeking your help. Good luck What did you say you call yourself? <Name>? I don't know... I might have heard that name somewherrre. Do a little more for the villagers herrre, and people might start remebering who you arrre. <Name>? I mighta hearda somebody that went by that name, but I meets a lot of people in me line of work. Don't look so upset there, matey. It takes a lot t'get people t'remember ya.

Yer an adventurer, go an' help people out. Little by little, they'll begin to trust ya, but don't expect anythin right away. Rice Ball Price 169-168

~~I wonder if I have heard of your name before...
3 <Name>! You have become well known in these parts! I hear much of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work, and greatness lies in your future. Wait... Don't tell me... It's...<Name>, right? Yeah, I've been hearing your name more often lately. A little bit more work, and soon everybody will know who you arrre. Wait a minute, I remeber<Name>, right? Ya see, do a little work, and people start recognizin' ya. Keep up tha good work!

Rice Ball Price 166-163

Hm? <Name>? I've heard that name before. Seems you're building yourself a good reputation. But you've still got a long way to go until you can say you're truly famous. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, so keep at it.
4 Hello, <Name>! I hear your name mentioned quite often these days. You've done well, my friend. Keep at it. Hi therrre, <Name>. I've been telling everybody about my new friend. We're friends, right? Keep up the good work. The betterrr my friends look, the betterrr I look! Well if it isn' <Name>. Hear yer name lots 'round these parts lately. Why, I remembers when you was nothin' but a measly insect. Thanks t'me advice, you're doin' quite well here in Norg.

Rice Ball Price 161-156

~Hello, <Name>. I've heard your name mentioned once or twice around these parts lately. You're coming up in the world, but don't slow down now!
5 Hello, <Name>! A good deal of people here in Jeuno know about you! And they all say you're quite the do-gooder! Thank you for serving our fair city. Keep up the good work! Oh, <Name>! Long time no see! Your name comes up a lot these days. And guess what? Nobody has anything bad to say about you. That's a compliment in itself! Oh, <Name>. I was just talkin' to me mateys about ya the other day. Nothin' bad, of course. They had all heard about yer deeds fer Norg. Some are even startin' t'think that maybe all you adventurers ain't so bad after all.

Rice Ball Price 155-150

Greetings, <Name>. Your endeavors in neighboring countries have reached us here in Rabao, and the glory of your reputation precedes you. I feel honored to have known you before you became so famous. Good luck with your continuing adventurers!
6 Why, it's <Name>! Your growing reputation precedes you. We hope your already substantial contributions to our humble city will continue to grow with time. You know, I don't think there's a person in this village who doesn't know yourrr name. You keep up the good work, and I'll have to start calling you Mister <Name>! <Name>! There's hardly a soul in Norg that doesn't know yer bloody name. Oh, sorry 'bout that. Me mum never did teach me no manners. I'll watch me damn mouth...I mean, I'll watch me mouth from now on.

Rice Ball Price 148-144

~~It seems most people know you!
7 Why, hello, <Name>. I say, literally everyone in Jeuno knows your name. It is my pleasure to inform you how impressed we are with your service to Jeuno. We hope to see more of your commendable generosity in the future! Mister/Miss <Name>! Arrre you heading out on anotherrr dangerous mission? Be careful! We'll all be rooting for you. I know it has been hard to get such a good reputation, but don't take it for granted. Yourrr work is farrr from being done! <Name>...Mister/Miss <Name>. You've become quite the household name 'round Norg. All me mateys keep askin' me if I can introduce them to ya. You've made quite a reputation for yerself! Lookin' at ya gets me thinkin' like I should leave tha life on the open sea, and become an adventurer! Wow, <Name>! There's hardly a soul in all of Rabao who hasn't heard your name! I could hardly believe the stir you've been making. You've entered the ranks of the truly great adventurers! But don't be content with your position; aim for the very top!
8 Lord/Lady <Name>! To all citizens here, your name is synonymous with courage and sacrifice. Not a day goes by without hearing of your saintlike service to Jeuno. I speak for all of Jeuno when I express my sincerest appreciation for your generosity. Indeed, bards shall sing of your virtues for ages to come! Mister/Miss <Name>! You are one smooth cat! I've neverrr met a mainlander who did so much for islanders. I'm proud to call you my friend! Mister/Miss <Name>! There's already rumors of yer last adventure goin' 'round Norg. You're startin' t'become some sorta legend! <Name>! Every time I speak with you, you seem to have gained in status. Pretty soon, I'm gonna have to start making appointments to talk to you! There isn't a person in the whole of Rabao who hasn't heard of you. I never dreamed you would come so far!
9 You have emerged as a hero to the people of Jeuno. Just the sound of your name strikes courage in their hearts. As a representative of its citizens, I humbly ask you to continue your efforts for the good of the Duchy. Lord/Lady <Name>! The fame your name carries stretches from here to Windurst. I cannot begin to put into words the gratitude this village feels forrr you. Live long, hero of Kazham! Lord/Lady <Name>! Next t'our leader, Gilgamesh, yer the most famous person in all'a Norg! Some of me mateys are even callin' ya a hero! May the light of the Dawn Goddess shine down uon ya in all yer journeys 'round Vana'diel! Ah, <Name>. I've known you since you were just starting out around here, but to think you would go on to achieve such glory... In Rabao and beyond, your name is on everyone's lips.

It wouldn't be going too far to say you've acieved the status of hero in my eyes. May the goddess Altana watch over your continuing endevors.