Type: Guild Merchant NPC


  • Open: 24 hours.
  • No longer shares stock with Shih Tayuun, and prices are static.
  • Has much higher stock limits than Shih Tayuun, but can be depleted.
  • Stock is replenished over time.

Location: Windurst Woods (H-12)


Item Price Required Rank
Shagreen 75 ---
Bone Chip 150 ---
Fish Scales 96 ---
Chicken Bone 1500 Recruit
Giant Femur 1400 Recruit
Beetle Shell 500 Initiate
Beetle Jaw 1000 Initiate
Ram Horn 1800 Novice
Black Tiger Fang 2000 Novice
Crab Shell 2500 Apprentice
Turtle Shell 6000 Journeyman
Scorpion Claw 2400 Journeyman
Bugard Tusk 4000 Journeyman
Scorpion Shell 3000 Craftsman
Marid Tusk 4500 Craftsman
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