Mission Name:   Return to Delkfutt's Tower
  Start NPC:   None
  Requirements:   Zilart Rank 7
  Suggested Level:   65+
  Title:   Destroyer of Antiquity
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Zilart Rank 8
  Previous Mission:   Zilart Mission 7: The Chamber of Oracles
  Next Mission:   Zilart Mission 9: Ro'Maeve


  • Bring your Delkfutt Keys to avoid walking up the tower and mages should bring some Echo Drops. Melee should bring several Hi-Potions.
  • A full party of level 65+ is needed and higher is recomended.
  • Once inside Delkfutt's Tower, if you have a Delkfutt Key, make a left at the first fork and go to E-8. Then go to H-8 and search for ???. Click it and you'll be transported to Upper Delkfutt Tower.
  • At Upper Delkfutt's Tower, go to F-8 through the door, and go up the stairs to the 11th floor.
  • Remember to sneak/invisible as you can get aggro from bats and giants. Watch out for dolls and pots that aggro to magic.
  • On the 11th floor, go to J-6, then on the 12th floor go to F-10. Zone through the portal to Stellar Fulcrum. Buffs will wear upon entering fight.
  • Fight and kill Kam'lanaut.
  • Kam'lanaut casts Dispelga, Silencega, and Slowga.
  • His Elemental Blade ability can be Dispeled and gives him an En-Spell of that element as well as absorbs all damage of that element. (e.g. If he has Lightning Blade up, and you cast Thunder 4 on him, he will gain 1,300 HP instead of losing it) He uses the ability often and changes the element(the effect doesn't stack w/ previously used effects)
  • Uses Great Wheel (~200 dmg AOE and Hate Reset).
  • Uses Light Blade (700-1,200 dmg single target). He readies Light Blade about 2 seconds before it goes off, so you can Stun it, but you can't move out of range because it will still hit you from a great distance. It will, however, be absorbed by spells such as Utsusemi.
  • Immune to Silence and Sleep
  • 12.5% Magic Defense Bonus(same as Evil Weapon Monsters)
  • About 10,000 HP

Game Description

Mission Orders
Hurry to Delkfutt's Tower and stop the Zilartian princes from completing their plan to open the Gate of the Gods.
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