Start NPC:   Ayame - Metalworks K-7
  Bastok Reputation 5
  Items Needed:   Misareaux Garlic
  Ahriman Tears
  Title:   Goblin in Disguise
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Bowyer Ring
  3,000 gil
  Previous Quest:   A Question of Faith
  Next Quest:   None


  • You will receive the 10000 gil back at the end of the quest.
  • Trading Magriffon the 10000 gil will continue this specific quest even if other quests are currently active that involve giving Magriffon gil.
  • Each person who is involved in the quest must trade a tear to Tarnotik to be teleported to the BCNM zone.
  • Once in Mine Shaft #2716, select the Shaft Entrance twice for two cut-scenes; select in the affirmative both times. This will put you in a level 40 capped BCNM, with up to 6 people allowed.
  • The moblins Twilotak (Dark Knight), and three each of Moblin Clergyman (White Mage) and Moblin Wisewoman (Red Mage) are in the back section of the BCNM arena.
  • Only Twilotak has to be defeated to complete the BCNM; the other six can be killed if you wish. They will not attack with melee hits even when engaged by your party, only stand in the background and cast.
  • Defeat Twilotak to end the BCNM, and for a cutscene where you receive the 10000 gil back.
  • Once you complete the BCNM, when you zone out of Shaft Mine #2716 you'll be in Newton Movalpolos on a ledge, safe from the standard Moblins. If you do not have someone in your group who can Escape, talk to the NPC Sleakachiq on that ledge to receive a teleport back out to North Gustaberg, at the cost of 800 gil per character.
  • Optional followup: talk to the Tarutaru Ravorara from the earlier quests, to sell the Pungent Providence Pot for 1000 gil and receive a final cut-scene.

Game Description

Client: Ayame (Cannonry, Metalworks)

You are to find the one who speaks both the common and the Moblin language, and learn more about the city of Movalpolos.
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