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Job Ability

  • Feeds pet to restore its HP.
  • Obtained: Beastmaster Level 12
  • Recast Time: 3:00
  • Duration: Instant


  • Pet Food is used in conjunction with this ability to restore pet HP.
  • In order to use the ability, one must equip pet food in one's ammo slot.
  • Usage of this ability will restore some of user's pet's HP and will generate enmity toward the pet.
  • Reward includes a Regen effect with this item. The amount of HP restored will be determined by the level of the pet and the type of pet food used.
  • The Bison Warbonnet reduces recast time on this ability by 10 seconds.
  • Each merit upgrade reduces recast time by 6 seconds.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Reward" <me>

Pet Food Listing

Pet Food HP Restored
Pet Food Alpha Biscuit 30 HP
Pet Food Beta Biscuit 60 HP
Pet Food Gamma Biscuit 100 HP
Pet Food Delta Biscuit 150 HP
Pet Food Epsilon Biscuit 300 HP
Pet Food Zeta Biscuit 350 HP

Equipment that Enhances Reward Effect

Item Enhancement
Zoraal Ja's Axe +10% HP restored
Ogre Gloves +10% HP restored
Ogre Gloves +1 +11% HP restored
Beast Gaiters +10% HP restored
Beast Gaiters +1 +11% HP restored
Monster Gaiters +20% HP restored
Beast Jackcoat Removes Paralyze, Poison, Blind
Monster Jackcoat Removes Weight, Slow, Silence
  • These enhancements all stack together.
  • Equipment used to enhance reward effect has been tested and retested at both lv52 and lv75 to ensure results were accurate.